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InsidePR-2.20- Important Tips for PR Students

30 Sep

For an assignment in Barbara Nixon’s COMM 2322 class she had us listen to Inside PR podcast episode 2.20 September 15, 2010.

If you want to listen to it for yourself click here.

            As a PR student I found the podcast to be extremely helpful. They presented a lot of ideas that I think are valuable for anyone looking for a job. The podcast gave helpful tips to use social media responsibly and as a beneficial tool for the present and future.

            During the podcast the hosts discuss a lot of important issues for PR student to know about.

Some things I found beneficial/interesting:

  • It is important to “develop a personal brand”. The hosts discuss using social media to present yourself “honestly,” “simply,” and “consistently.” It is important to use social media but to be professional and relevant.
  • I think a lot of students need to be reminded that what is put on the Internet “lasts forever”. I don’t think a lot of people know that just because it is deleted doesn’t mean it’s not out there somewhere in “Cyberspace” to be found.
  •   Be proactive, make connections. Engage with significant PR people and companies or organizations you might want to work for one day.
  • Students use/have a Blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn

            Before the podcast I was not aware of LinkedIn and I plan on checking it out and using it as another PR channel.

  • If you have a blog keep it updated, current, and avoid typos. According to the hosts, typos on a blog are “common” but a major “turn-off”.
  • Look into subscribing to things like RSS feeds.
  • They listed some common interview questions that PR students should be aware of.

            Students should start building an effective social media profile. Students need to use channels correctly and effectively. What student  has done with social medias can “make it” or “break it” when it comes to finding a job.


PR Department vs. PR Firm

27 Sep

Topic of the Week-5-COMM 2322

PR Department vs. PR Firm

So the question is “would it be more beneficial for a new PR practitioner to begin his/her career in a PR department or in a PR firm?

            Well I think the answer depends on what the new practitioner is looking for in their job. For instance if they are looking for higher pay, more job security, and better job benefits a PR department is the way to go. However, it is difficult to find a job without experience and growth is limited unless you are willing to switch employers.

            As for my personal preference I would prefer to begin my career with a PR firm (agency). I like the idea of the fast past work. I also think it would be beneficial to have a team and be able to learn from others and make valuable connections within the workforce. In the text on p. 119, PR professional, Stacy Nobles, says that “starting my career in the agency world has been invaluable.” Nobles claims to have learned a lot about the job and gain experience that helped her advance in the PR World later on.

            Some disadvantages of starting with a firm is that there may be less pay, less benefits, less job security, and intense days. However, in my opinion, if working with a firm equips a person with the skills needed for a successful future it is well worth it. I don’t necessarily expect things to be easy and smooth sailing, especially starting out in the PR World. I want to make helpful connections, network, and learn all that I can to be successful wherever I go with public relations.

 Source: Public Relations Strategies and Tactics-9th Edition- Wilcox, D. & Cameron, G.

Avoiding Plagiarism

27 Sep

Topic of the Week- 5- COMM 4333

Avoiding Plagiarism

            So how does one avoid plagiarizing? Here’s an idea-DON’T DO IT. Plagiarism is defined in the text on p 71 as when someone “uses sentences and paragraphs from someone else’s work without attribution or quote marks.” So pretty much, if you didn’t write it but it appears to the reader that you did, it’s plagiarism. Plagiarism not only deals with direct written work but also with taking another’s idea. To avoid plagiarism make sure to cite your sources and attribute the information used. Take the time to learn the proper format and rules on citation. Purdue University offers a free online Writing Lab on plagiarism that can educate any writer on what plagiarism is and how it can best be avoided. Keep away from the convenient “cut and paste” tool because it’s sure to cause some issues.

            As a student myself I know the World Wide Web has increased the amount of available information and therefore increased opportunities for plagiarism to occur. I think tools like “Turnitin” can really be helpful in preventing plagiarism and catching those who are guilty.

            It is important for students of all ages not to get in the habit of plagiarism. In the future it can really cost you. Plagiarism has caused people to fail college, lose their jobs, lose your reputation, etc. It is imperative for writers to learn how to write for themselves. Plagiarism is theft and fraud; it needs to be taken seriously by all-students, workers, and writers of any kind.

Public Relations Departments and Firms

25 Sep

Test: Public Relations Strategies and Tectics- 9th Edition- Wilcox, D & Dennis, G.

Chapter 4- Public Relations Departments and Firms


                        Role of various organizational structures

                        Today, public relations is expanding from its traditional functions to exercise its influence in the highest levels of management.

            There is importance in today’s worlds, importance of organizational structure,

            Names of Departments

                        Commonly big departments do not use term “public relations” but “corporate communications” or “communications”.

            Organization of Departments

            Line and Staff Functions

                        Access to management

                        Levels of influence

            Sources of Friction

                        Legal, human resources, advertising, marking

            The Trend Toward Outsourcing

            Services They Provide

                        Marketing communications, executive speech training, research and evaluation, crisis communication, media analysis, community relations, events management, public affairs, branding and corporate reputation, financial relations.

            Global Reach

                        Public relations firms are usually situated in most of the world’s major cities and capitals.

            The Rise of Communication Conglomerates

                        Move toward more integration.

            How Public Relations Firms Get Business

                        Request for Proposal

            Pros and Cons of Using a Public Relations Firm

                        Advantages- objectivity, variety of skills, extensive resources, international jobs, offices throughout the country, special problem-solving skills, and credibility.

                        Disadvantages- superficial grasp of client’s unique problems, lack of full-time commitment, need for prolonged briefing period, resentment by internal staff, need for strong direction by top management, need for full information and confidence, and cost.

            Fees and Charges

                        3 most common: basic hourly fee, plus out-of-pocket expenses, retainer fee, and fixed project fee.

Finding and Making News

25 Sep

Chapter 4- Finding and Making News

            Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques-6th Edition- Wilcox, D.

The Challenge of Making News

            Need to know traditional journalist news values, must know where to find news and how to select the angle that will be most interesting to public, and they must be problem solvers and come up with creative publicity tactics .

What Makes News






            Human Interest



How to Find News

            Internal News Sources

                        Important papers, periodicals, clipping files, other published materials

            External News Sources

How to Create News

            Brainstorming, Special Events, Contests, Polls and Surveys, Top 10 Lists, Product Demonstrations, Stunts, Rallies and Protests, Personal Appearances, Awards

Top Social Media Cities

24 Sep

 A new report, by the Marketing and Sales Database Company, compares which cities of the United States are at the top of the social  media hieararchy. 

San Fransisco, CA is at #1 with San Jose at #2, and Los Angeles at #9. (I think it’s safe to say that California is #1 when it comes to top social media states.

Here is a look at the Top Ten:                      

  1. San Francisco, CA
  2. San Jose, CA
  3. New York, NY
  4. Austin, TX
  5. Boston, MA
  6. Seattle, WA
  7. Denver, CO
  8. Salt Lake City, UT
  9. Los Angeles, CA
  10. Atlanta, GA

For a look at the original article click here.

Maybe one day my “good ol’ town” of Nokesville, VA will be up there with the “big boys”. (well one can dream)

Oh No! What Are We All Going to Do Without Facebook?!?….Tweet? :)

23 Sep

So it appears that the #1 social network: Facebook, has been suffering from some seriously glitches this week. Many believe it is some sort of attack; while others aren’t so sure.

To make matters even better (well…”better”  in my opinion) Facebook used Twitter this week to notify the public that it was down. Now that’s what I call working together boys!

By no means is Twitter perfect (see post: “What the Tweet?”) But I can’t help but wonder: Is this the beginning of the end for the Facebook “powerhouse”?.. Is Twitter capable of being the replacement?

Read more about it here.

—> let me know what you think!