Effective Blog Comments

9 Sep

Topic of the Week (3) COMM 4333 & COMM 2322

Blogging Comments are Essential

            I think blog comments are an essential part of blogs. Blog comments offer interaction and feedback. Leaving comments on other blogs help bloggers learn from one another and show appreciation for what blogs have to say. Comments are a big part of what makes blogging interactive and social. Comments also help the blogger to know how their message is being received. Is it portrayed clearly, do people agree or disagree, and does another blogger have more insight to offer on the certain subject.

Effective Blog Comments

            In my opinion I think blog comments should be polite. Criticism and disagreeing are okay but present your comment in a kind and respectful way. Make sure your criticism is constructive. When comments are harsh and rude users are just abusing the right to comment on people’s thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Another thing is to just be genuine when leaving comments. If you like a blog be specific about what you liked, encourage the blogger with your comment, and express how the information benefited you. I know as a blogger myself posts can really take a lot of research and time, so a little appreciation is always welcome. Effective blog comments give FEEDBACK to the blogger and that is really important for such a social network.

So in my opinion just to some up my main thoughts:

Be polite

Be constructive

Be specific

Give Feedback

Show appreciation


One Response to “Effective Blog Comments”

  1. aladkins October 4, 2010 at 5:58 pm #

    I think this is a great topic you have explained. The way you communicate the importance of blog comments is nothing closer to the truth. When there is interaction and communication, bloggers are able to be challenged and can learn from other’s experiences. I know that when I blog, it feels like no one is listening and that I am talking to a wall, until I get commented on. I can answer questions, elaborate or have people learning from the blog information.

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