My Social Avenues

9 Sep

Topic of the Week (1) COMM 4333

My Social Avenues 

To be honest I have really grown to love social media. I wouldn’t say I’m a “creeper” or anything but I enjoy exploring the different avenues to socialize and keep in touch with friends, family, co-workers, all over the world. Below is a list of the types of social media I participate in.         

                  Facebook– I’ve had a Facebook since high-school. I didn’t use it very much back then but since attending college it has really become a valuable resource. It helps me be informed about different events, keep in touch with my friends back home, and it is just a great avenue to get “plugged it” socially.

                  Twitter– Twitter is still new to me. I enjoy the simple updates, the “retweets”, and replies. I like Twitter because I think it is really simple but at the same time is a really good resource for social networking. It has a smaller avenue of users (or followers) on Twitter so sometimes I feel more comfortable “tweeting” certain things that I would not put on Facebook that hundreds of people can see.

                  Blogging– I got into blogging this previous summer (summer 2010). I went to Spain for 2 months on an internship and used to capture my experience, thoughts, and prayers for my supporters, my family and friends back home. I really enjoy Blogging, although for me it can be quite time consuming.

 YouTube– YouTube is probably one of my favorite places out on the Web. I love all the different videos and information I can access. I’ve been teaching myself guitar since 2006 and I often refer to YouTube for educational videos. It gives anyone an opportunity to get their ideas, humor, and talents out there on the Web AND it’s super entertaining.


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