The Taco Bell Target

9 Sep

PR Connections #1- Taco Bell Target

                     In 2001 Taco Bell set up a 40 by 40-foot target in the South Pacific ocean. Why did they do this? The Mir Space Station was making it’s descent soon and Taco Bell claimed that if part of the station hits their “Free Taco Here!” target everyone in the United States would be entitled to a free taco. The target was set off the coast of Australia in the area of where the Mir was expected to land after its de-orbit. In my opinion not only is that a creative idea but also so unique that it got plenty of Media attention for Taco Bell. I mean I’m a fan of Taco Bell but that aside I think this is simply PR genius.


One Response to “The Taco Bell Target”

  1. ebluemling September 10, 2010 at 8:27 pm #

    I love Taco Bell! They used to do once a year they would give out tacos for really cheap prices. Not that they are not that inexpensive now. I think that is a great idea to have a target that big. Too bad they did not hit the target in the middle for a bulls eye!

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