New Technologies in Public Relations

12 Sep

Reading Notes- COMM 2322Chapter 13

Public Relations Strategies and Tactics- 9th edition- Wilcox & Cameron


           The Computer

            The Internet

                        e-mail, web sites, blogs, Moblogs, and Vlogs, RSS, podcasting, Brochureware.

                                    New Tech and Online Research

                                    Some problems do arise

            Other Computer Applications

                        Dictation and voice generation, expert systems, public relations management tools, desktop publishing, mailing lists, online conferences, graphics, design, photography, facsimile transmission

            News Release Delivery

                        Video and audio, television, radio, Web, teleconferencing, Webconferencing, Satellite Media Tours

            Other Tools

                        Cell phones, PDAs (personal digital assistants), Memory: CD-R/RW, Flash drive, DVD-R/RW, Electronic Blackboards


                        User Generated Content: Social Media and Web 2.0

                                    Virtual presence/ world, wireless broadband, more digital services, and more communication avenues via computer.


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