The Evolution of Public Relations

12 Sep

Chapter 2 Reading Notes- COMM 2322

Public Relations: Strategies & Tactics- 9th edition- Wilcox & Cameron


            Ancient beginnings

                        As old as human communication

            Middle Ages


            Early Beginnings in America

                        Gaining settlers

            American Development in 19th Century

                        Phineas T. Barnum

                        Westward expansion, politics and activism, corporate development

            1900 to 1950: The Age of Pioneers

                        Samuel Insull

                        Henry Ford

                        Teddy Roosevelt

                        Ivy Lee: First Council

                        George Creel

                        Edward L. Bernays: Father of Modern Public Relations

                                    Ivory soap, ballet Russe, Light’s Golden Jubilee

            1950 to 2000: Public Relations Comes of Age

                        Evolving Practice and Philosophy

            Today’s Trends

                        Feminization of the field

                        Recruitment of minorities

            Transformation of the Field: The Next 50 yrs

                        Multicultural, transparency, expanding the role, corporate social responsibility, emphasis on measurement and evaluation, managing the 24/7 news cycle, fragmentation of mass media, rise of social media, outsourcing to PR firms, need for lifelong learning


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