Reaction to NewsU Course

12 Sep

Topic of the Week (1) COMM 2322

NewsU: Understanding Media: Processes and Principles

                        Poynter News University but together a course on understanding the uses and effects of the media that was not only informant, but quite enjoyable as well. I really liked watching the different commercials and trying to figure out which advertisement technique it was. The lesson took me over an hour but I really enjoyed it.

            I was honestly quite surprised by all the different media techniques that the course covered. I have done some research on advertisement and understanding the media before but I still had a hard time guessing the right technique with some of the examples. Towards the end of the course you watch a commercial and try to figure out the technique. It took me more tries then it should have to guess the right one.

            Understanding the media is a complicated process in the fact that the media is so complicated itself. I really liked how this course was simple. I liked the way we didn’t have to read paragraph after paragraph but rather got to see examples.

            I will probably go into the media work field someday so all this information was useful for me. The one thing that I didn’t like is that I wish the information was more accessible after the course. For example if I could print out a summary sheet of the information after it was complete because it sometimes takes me more than once to retain the information. I really liked the information on “hidden messages”. I would like to know more about that and be able to identify it with all commercials I see.


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