What is a “Public?”

12 Sep

Topic of the Week (2) COMM 2322                     

What is aPublic”?  

 According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary the term public is “a group of people having common interests or characteristics; specifically: the group at which a particular activity or enterprise aims.”

                Any social person is involved in publics. Publics can be friends, co-workers, club members, political groups, groups on a University Campus, and much more. Some of the publics I am involved in are church, clubs on campus, organizations, even friendships. My friends and I have the same interests and we are often involved in the same kinds of things. Does that constitute us as a public? I think it does.

                WSEU- WSEU is Southeastern University’s radio station. I am the event coordinator this semester and I work with staff and other leaders to promote the station on campus. We have the same goal, vision, and are working together on a daily basis to reach that goal. We are all informed about the same kind of things on campus and work to inform one another.

                Church- I have attended Church my whole life. It is definitely a public in my life and probably one of the most influential and important ones. The group of people in church have similar interest and characteristics. We believe in the same things and we all care about helping the community and sharing our faith with others.

                I wonder if I could even argue that being an American makes me part of a public. I think most Americans are interested in what is going on in America and most certainly affected by it. Though some of our political views may vary we still share a common bond that we live out daily, if we are aware of the connection or not.  For Example, the tragic day of September 11th, 2001 not only affected the families and people directly involved. No, it affected every American; we all stopped, froze, and stood in terror and disbelief.



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