NewsU: Cleaning Your Copy

13 Sep

 Topic of the Week (4)-COMM 4333

No Technology in Brighton

                I really enjoyed the NewsU Cleaning Your Copy course offered by Poynter University. I learned more and got to practice writing concepts like grammar, AP style, punctuation, and spelling. I will admit that according to this assessment AP style is my weakest skill. The course was a nice refresher on grammatical elements and style that are very important in the journalism and business market. To be taken serious as a professional it is important to have correct grammar and style in writing and presentations. I liked the line that was in the intro, “the easiest thing for a reader to do is to stop reading.” I think that is a very wise statement and important to consider when editing your work. You want to build yourself a good reputation with co-workers, editors, peers, and readers.

               I was kind of surprised at how bad my AP style was. Taking the “C.Q. Test” really showed me that my AP style knowledge and ability could use some more attention and work. The course really took me through a lot of key concepts and was very throughout. I would like to take more courses like this until I can easily use the correct grammar and style. I know that it takes practice to learn and I thought this course was a good


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