Smoothie King Hosts Dodgeball Tournament

14 Sep

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   This month the Smoothie King located on S.Florida Avenue in Lakeland, Fla., will host its first annual co-ed dodgeball tournament. All (100%) of the proceeds  made from registrations will be donated to the American Cancer Society to help fight breast cancer. The news of the tournament has been made available directly in the store, on Twitter, Facebook, and E-mail. I am not aware of how many teams have signed up but Smoothie King has been advertising the tournament for months and the event will take place on October 2nd, 2010.

I think that this is a really great thing that Smoothie King is doing.  By offering all tournament participants 25 free smoothies, Smoothie King is really using its tools and resources to help raise money to fight Breast Cancer. This move by Smoothie King will show the community that Smoothie King is dedicated to the community and the health of others.


One Response to “Smoothie King Hosts Dodgeball Tournament”

  1. dcmoceri September 26, 2010 at 10:15 pm #

    Yeah for Smoothie King! They are getting their name out there even more and helping a good cause along the way. I love Smoothie King, and this is good publicity for them. I wonder why they chose a dodge ball tournament though? It’s a little peculiar. Someone always gets hurt in dodge ball, every time, and it can bring back painful memories from grade school for many people who got pummeled by the cool kids in class. But that aside, dodge ball is one of the best sports around in my opinion and with 25 free smoothies offered to the participants who wouldn’t want to join?

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