Avoiding Legal Hassles

20 Sep

Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques-6th Edition- D. Wilcox

 Chapter 3 Notes- Avoiding Legal Hassles-COMM 4333

 Avoiding Legal Hassles

             Public relations writers have the responsibility to work within the law

Libel and Defamation

            Libel- injury to reputation

            Defamation- collective term

Public Figures- did the publisher know it was false?

The Fair Comment Defense

Avoiding Defamation Suit

 Invasion of Privacy

            Employee newsletters. Photo releases, product publicity and advertising, media inquiries about employees, and employee blogs and virtual communities

 Copyright Law

            Don’t plagiarize

                        Photography, Artwork, Work for hire.

                                    Issues on the Internet

Important to know where fair use ends and infringement ends

Trademark Law

            Should be capitalized, do not pluralize or use in possessive form, never use a verbs.

                        Misappropriating of Personality- result from the unauthorized use of well-known entertainers athletes, figures, etc.

Regulatory Agencies

            The Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

            The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

Federal Regulatory Agencies

            The Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

            The Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

            Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF)

Working with Lawyers

A basic knowledge of the law should help you do your work in a responsible and appropriate manner.


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