Avoiding Plagiarism

27 Sep

Topic of the Week- 5- COMM 4333

Avoiding Plagiarism

            So how does one avoid plagiarizing? Here’s an idea-DON’T DO IT. Plagiarism is defined in the text on p 71 as when someone “uses sentences and paragraphs from someone else’s work without attribution or quote marks.” So pretty much, if you didn’t write it but it appears to the reader that you did, it’s plagiarism. Plagiarism not only deals with direct written work but also with taking another’s idea. To avoid plagiarism make sure to cite your sources and attribute the information used. Take the time to learn the proper format and rules on citation. Purdue University offers a free online Writing Lab on plagiarism that can educate any writer on what plagiarism is and how it can best be avoided. Keep away from the convenient “cut and paste” tool because it’s sure to cause some issues.

            As a student myself I know the World Wide Web has increased the amount of available information and therefore increased opportunities for plagiarism to occur. I think tools like “Turnitin” can really be helpful in preventing plagiarism and catching those who are guilty.

            It is important for students of all ages not to get in the habit of plagiarism. In the future it can really cost you. Plagiarism has caused people to fail college, lose their jobs, lose your reputation, etc. It is imperative for writers to learn how to write for themselves. Plagiarism is theft and fraud; it needs to be taken seriously by all-students, workers, and writers of any kind.


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