PR Department vs. PR Firm

27 Sep

Topic of the Week-5-COMM 2322

PR Department vs. PR Firm

So the question is “would it be more beneficial for a new PR practitioner to begin his/her career in a PR department or in a PR firm?

            Well I think the answer depends on what the new practitioner is looking for in their job. For instance if they are looking for higher pay, more job security, and better job benefits a PR department is the way to go. However, it is difficult to find a job without experience and growth is limited unless you are willing to switch employers.

            As for my personal preference I would prefer to begin my career with a PR firm (agency). I like the idea of the fast past work. I also think it would be beneficial to have a team and be able to learn from others and make valuable connections within the workforce. In the text on p. 119, PR professional, Stacy Nobles, says that “starting my career in the agency world has been invaluable.” Nobles claims to have learned a lot about the job and gain experience that helped her advance in the PR World later on.

            Some disadvantages of starting with a firm is that there may be less pay, less benefits, less job security, and intense days. However, in my opinion, if working with a firm equips a person with the skills needed for a successful future it is well worth it. I don’t necessarily expect things to be easy and smooth sailing, especially starting out in the PR World. I want to make helpful connections, network, and learn all that I can to be successful wherever I go with public relations.

 Source: Public Relations Strategies and Tactics-9th Edition- Wilcox, D. & Cameron, G.


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