InsidePR-2.20- Important Tips for PR Students

30 Sep

For an assignment in Barbara Nixon’s COMM 2322 class she had us listen to Inside PR podcast episode 2.20 September 15, 2010.

If you want to listen to it for yourself click here.

            As a PR student I found the podcast to be extremely helpful. They presented a lot of ideas that I think are valuable for anyone looking for a job. The podcast gave helpful tips to use social media responsibly and as a beneficial tool for the present and future.

            During the podcast the hosts discuss a lot of important issues for PR student to know about.

Some things I found beneficial/interesting:

  • It is important to “develop a personal brand”. The hosts discuss using social media to present yourself “honestly,” “simply,” and “consistently.” It is important to use social media but to be professional and relevant.
  • I think a lot of students need to be reminded that what is put on the Internet “lasts forever”. I don’t think a lot of people know that just because it is deleted doesn’t mean it’s not out there somewhere in “Cyberspace” to be found.
  •   Be proactive, make connections. Engage with significant PR people and companies or organizations you might want to work for one day.
  • Students use/have a Blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn

            Before the podcast I was not aware of LinkedIn and I plan on checking it out and using it as another PR channel.

  • If you have a blog keep it updated, current, and avoid typos. According to the hosts, typos on a blog are “common” but a major “turn-off”.
  • Look into subscribing to things like RSS feeds.
  • They listed some common interview questions that PR students should be aware of.

            Students should start building an effective social media profile. Students need to use channels correctly and effectively. What student  has done with social medias can “make it” or “break it” when it comes to finding a job.


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