3 Oct

Chapter 5- Research

Text: Public Relations Strategies and Tactics-9th Edition-Wilcox, D. & Cameron, G.

Importance of Research

            Essential first step in the public relations process.

Defining the Research Role

            Information must be gathered and data must be interpreted before any public relations program can start.

            Many different types of research

            Ask questions like- what is the problem? What kind of information is needed? How will the results of the research be used? How much will it cost? Etc.

Using Research

            Studies show that PR departments spend 3-5 % of their budget on research.

            Use research to: achieve credibility, define audiences, formulate strategy, test messages, help management keep in touch, prevent crises, monitor the competition, sway public opinion, generate publicity, and measure success.

Research techniques

  1. Secondary research, qualitative research, quantitative research based on scientific sampling.

Secondary Research


            Library and Online

            The Internet and WWW

Qualitative Research

            Content Analysis


            Focus Groups

            Copy Testing

            Ethnographic Techniques

Quantitative Research

            Random Sampling

            Sample Size

Questionnaire Construction

            Carefully consider wording, avoid loaded questions, consider timing and context, avoid the politically “correct” answer, and give a range of possible answers.

                        List of guidelines on p. 144

How to Reach Respondents

  1. Mail questionnaires, 2. telephone surveys, 3. personal interviews, 4. omnibus surveys, 5. Web e-mail surveys.

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