One Week of Twitter

4 Oct

One Week of Twitter-Topic of the Week (6) – COMM 2322/ week (9)-comm 4333

            Before Barbara Nixon assigned “One Week of Twitter” for my Public Relation Applications course at Southeastern University; I never knew Twitter could be so effective. I had a Twitter back in high-school but didn’t really know how to us it properly. I would make a few random updates, had few followers, and quickly got bored and erased it. I thought “Why use Twitter when I have Facebook?”

            Well after this assignment I must admit that I have become a definite fan of Twitter. I think people don’t like Twitter because they don’t know how to use it. This week of Twitter has helped me with so much. Following the right people and being proactive has helped me make connections, it has kept me informed, and gave me insight into what’s going on in my world. In a lot of ways Twitter is more effective than Facebook-it is a resource center that is simple and more organized.

            This week of Twitter really helped me connect with my classmates. We were able to inform each other of what was going on in class or on campus and we were able to get to know one another. I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed the dialogue between my classmates on Twitter. This week I learned how to use Twitpic, learned how to use Re-Tweets efficiently, and successfully interacted in the “Twitter verse”.  

            For all you non Twitter fans I think you should give it another shot. (Especially if you are interest/involved in Public Relations.) I recommend you try Barbara Nixon’s One Week of Twitter like I did. Find your friends, follow organizations, people you are interested in, post relevant updates, and be proactive. Twitter is a simple, yet reliable resource that helps you make connections and to keeps informed.

            Even though the assignment is over I plan to keep using my Twitter to make connections and be informed. If you like social media Twitter is the place to be. Feel free to follow me on Twitter


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