What Makes a Story Newsworthy?

6 Oct

What Makes A Story Newsworthy?

Topic of the Week-6- COMM 4333

What makes a story newsworthy? (A few things)

Here are a few main points I remember from Journalism class:

  1. 1.      Time
  2. 2.      Proximity
  3. 3.      Human Interest
  4. 4.      Relevance
  5. 5.      Conflict

In my opinion the point of news is to inform, entertain, and sometimes both. In reference to timeliness it is important for a story to be relevant and recent. No one really wants to be updated about something that happened two years ago. People expect the news to inform them about the latest happenings. That’s why newspapers are often in a crunch to “have the story first.”

Proximity refers to the location of the events. For example, people are often more concerned with the news in their town than the town in the next state over. People want to hear news that affects their lives, news that they can relate to.

Relevance- Relevance refers to the “So what?” question in journalism. It is about why people should be concerned with this news in the first place. How does it affect them? Why should they be interested in it? All of this has to do with relevance.

Human Interest/Conflict refers to the more entertaining side of things. Human interest is evident in things like feature stories while the conflict is what makes a story unique. I feel like in a lot of way mankind is “drama driven” so we want the latest “scoop” and we want to be entertained by the news.

I’m sure I could be missing a few things but I think of covered the main points. A story is newsworthy when is relates to the time, place, and interests of the readers. It is important to inform and in many instances entertain.


Remember to answer the “Why?”, “When?”, “Where?”, “What?”, “How?”, and “So what?” When writing a news story.


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