Online Media Law

9 Oct

Topic of the Week (8) COMM 2322

Reaction to NewsU Course: Online Media Law: The Basics for Bloggers and Other Publishers

What did you learn?

            During this course I learned a lot about defamation, copyright infringement, and invasion of privacy. Before this course I couldn’t have told you much about the latter 3 online media laws. In online journalism and blogging it is important to know what is classified as legal and illegal to avoid lawsuits in your writing. It was a good reminder that freedom of expression is not absolute. I learned a lot about the laws that are related to gathering and publishing information online. It was beneficial to “play the judge” and see specific cases. The course allowed me to practice my knowledge with deciding which real life situations I thought were legal or not.

What surprised you?

            After taking this course I think that the line between legal and illegal can be pretty “blurry” in some situations. After taking this course I think it is better to be “safe than sorry”. If you are not sure about publishing something you should probably hold off on publication and get an outside opinion from a pro. It’s important to give credit for material and not “cross the lines” when it comes to other people’s privacy and rights.

What do you want to know more about?

            Legal specifics have never been my strong point. I’ve never taken a law class of anytime so outside of the general legal knowledge I don’t have much. I feel that I don’t know enough yet about online publication such as blogging. I really enjoy blogging but I need to educate myself on the legal issues that bloggers often face. I am taking Communication Law next semester and I know I hope to learn a lot more about the legal situation that come with journalism and public relations.


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