Program Planning

9 Oct


Chapter 6- Program Planning

Public Relations Strategies and Tactics-9th Edition- Wilcox, D & Cameron, G.

 The Value of Planning

          Program planning is the second step of the public relations process, following research.

Approaches to Planning

          Planning is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle.

          Two main approaches to planning: Management by Objective & Strategic Planning Model.

          Management by Objective (MBO)

  1. Client/employer objectives, 2. Audience/publics 3. Audience objectives 4. Media channels 5. Media channel objectives 6. Sources and questions. 7. Communication strategies 8. Nonverbal support

          Strategic Planning Model

                   Organizational model makes sense to professionals and clients alike, moving both parties toward a clear situation analysis needed to make planning relevant to the client’s overall objectives.

                             Facts, Goals, and Audience

Elements of Program Plan

          Identifies what is to be done, why and how.

          8 elements: 1. Situation 2. Objectives 3. Audience 4. Strategy 5. Tactics 6. Calendar/timetable 7.Budget 8.Evaluation


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