The Lead Lab

9 Oct

Topic of the Week (8) COMM 4333

Reaction: NewsU the Lead Lab

What did you learn?

            The lead lab took me back to the basics and also taught me more about leads to make me a better journalist. I enjoyed the section on the lead myths. It was beneficial to clarify the lead myths and practice writing leads of my own. I always thought that a lead could only be a few lines in the beginning. The lead lab showed me that leads have more creative freedom than I thought before. I learned a lot of new lead types. I find the anecdotal and round-up leads interesting. I think they are attention grabbing but I don’t have much experience in writing them. There are so many more different types of leads than previously thought. There are so many options in starting a story. It is important to pick the right lead that is most effective for the overall story.  I also think that the set up of the lab/course itself is very organized and creative. I enjoyed “exploring the lead lab” and using the first aid kit to fix leads.

What surprised you?

            All the different type of leads mentioned kind of surprised me. There were 9 leads featured. I have never even heard of the “emblem lead” or the “significant detail lead” before.

What do you want to know more about?

            I want to practice writing different types of lead. After taking this course I am determined to pull away from the common direct lead and summary lead that I often use. I want to become more creative with the types of leads I use. I want to use leads that make the start my effective and interesting from the beginning to the end. I like creative writing so I really want to practice leads like the anecdotal that are less formal and structured than the direct lead types.


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