Creating News Features and Op-Ed.

16 Oct

Chapter 7 Reading Nots

Text: Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques- 6th Edition- Wilcox, D.

The Value of Features

       The feature story, in contrast to the basic news release, can provide additional background information, generate human interest, and create understanding in a more imaginative way.

        “Soft” news

1.  Provide more information to the consumer 2. Give background and context about organizations 3. Provide behind-the-scenes perspective 4. Give a human dimension 5. Generate publicity from standard products and services.


       Get the idea


              Includes: tentative title, subject and theme, significance, major points, and description of photos and graphics available.

Types of Features

       Case Study, Application Story, Research Study, Backgrounder, Personality Profile, and Historical Piece.

Parts of a Feature

       The Headline, the lead, the body, the summary, photos and graphics.

Placement Opportunities

       In newspapers, general magazines, specialty/trade magazine, and internal publications.

Writing an Op-Ed

       Op-Ed means “opposite the editorial page”. The purpose of op-ed articles is to present a variety of views on current news events, governmental policies, pending legislation, and social issues.


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