Beyond the Inverted Pyramid: Creating Alternative Story Forms

18 Oct

            For a NewsU Course I my choice I decided take the Beyond the Inverted Pyramid: Creating Alternative Story Form self-guided course. I think this course would be beneficial for any journalist or blogger. The course took me through the concept of ASFs or Alternative Story Forms. ASFs are a part of a movement to make news more accessible and attention grabbing. ASFs are formats that are pulling away from the traditional journalistic inverted pyramid and are trying to save readers time but contain proper details and context. ASFs include things like, checklists, timelines, calendars, games, Q&As, and other creative presentations that allow readers to quickly scan and obtain the information they want. The course claims that research shows that “ASFs get more attention from readers and readers recall more information.” I know that I personally prefer the ASF formats. They are clear, crisp, creative, and different.

            I think ASFs are a valuable concept for writers and bloggers trying to reach today’s fast-pasted consumers. In a way I think the ASFs are playing a role in trying to save the newspaper in its competition with the quickly informative Internet. I think ASFs are fun and present stories in a clear and attention grabbing way. Unlike the inverted pyramid format ASFs can be chosen to compliment the story and the best way of conveying the information.

            I would recommend this course to my other peers interested in journalism, blogging, and writing for media. I learned a lot about different ASFs and how stories can become alive and better presented outside of the inverted pyramid. After this course I feel like the inverted pyramid format is important, but compared to the ASFs I learned about in this course, it’s kind of boring. I encourage others to try this course for themselves. It’s free and adds so much stylistic knowledge into the concepts of collaboration and finalization to a story.  

If you are interested in taking this course click here.


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