PR OpenMic

18 Oct

I think PR OpenMic has a lot to offer to PR students and recent PR grads. PR OpenMic is a social network that allows users to connect with others working and learning n the Public Relations world. Students can connect with teachers or peers and learn more about the inner actions of Public Relations.  Users can also make connections and build themselves an interactive profile that will be beneficial when the time comes for finding jobs.

            PR OpenMic lists open jobs and internships and allows users to post resumes. I think PR OpenMic is a great resource to get your resume out there for potential employers. Users can also join groups and be informed about different PR and marketing conferences being held. It is a great source for advertising different jobs and internships being offered all over the world. I personally spent hours looking at different internships that I would be interested in doing this summer. There is so much information available on one core site!

Just looking over the site I was already motivated and informed on getting my professional portfolio together. There was a PR Portfolio Reviews Overview that really informed me about a lot as far as developing a profession portfolio and presenting it.

            Other beneficial features on the site, to name a few, include a PR student chat, PR news updates, constant links and resources to keep a person informed. I really like that I see on the site. I think it really takes time and attention to build up a “presence” online and to interact proactively. Nonetheless, it is a great place to make connections, gain knowledge, be informed about news and jobs, and to be a hands-on and effective person in the world of Public Relations. Some people say it’s “All about connections” right? So let’s make some connections, and PR OpenMic really allows PR students and recent grads to make connections and find jobs.


One Response to “PR OpenMic”

  1. afurmage October 22, 2010 at 7:26 pm #

    I really enjoyed your post. One thing I overlooked while exploring PROpenMic was the section on PR Portfolio Reviews. When I saw the link on your blog I instantly clicked it because I’m in the process of finding out what I should add to my portfolio. From photographs and logo designs to journalism articles and PR news releases, I’m trying to figure out what should be included. Having a professional and creative portfolio presentation will help us be memorable interviewees. I was also surprised to see that the portfolio information was from Professor Nixon! Thanks so much for that link. It really helped me out!

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