Selecting Publicity Photos and Graphics

19 Oct

COMM 4333 Chapter 8- Selecting Publicity Photos and Graphics

            Text: Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques -6th Edition- Wilcox, D.

The Importance of Publicity Photos

            They add interest and variety and they often explain things better than words alone.

Components of a Good Photo

  1. Technical Quality
  2. Subject Matter
  3. Composition
  4. Action
  5. Scale
  6. Camera Angle
  7. Lighting and Timing
  8. Color

Working with Photographers

            Finding Photographers

  1. Do you shoot digital?
  2. Can you show me examples of other similar photos you have taken?
  3. What contacts do you have with the media and how will you help me distribute the photo once it has been shot?


                        Written document helps you avoid misunderstandings about fees, costs of materials, and copyright ownership.

            Photo Session

                        Plan ahead in detail

            Cropping and Retouching

            Ethical Considerations

                        Increasing concern in the ethical and legal boundaries of altering photos.

Writing Photo Captions

            *not a description of the photo

            *write to provide context and additional information

Creating Other Graphics

            Charts, Diagrams, Rendering and Scale Models, Line Drawings and Clip Art.

Maintaining Photo and Art Files

            Include: 1).The date of the event 2). When the photo was taken. 3). Location 4). Releases from people portrayed 5). Complete names and titles of people shown. 6).The name and address of the photographer.

Distributing Photos and Artwork


  1. Thumbnail 2. Slightly bigger preview image 3. A low-resolution version 4. A high-resolution one

            Media Kits

            Electronic Distribution Service

                        I.e. Business Wire, PRNewswire

            Social Networking


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