Pretty Good Student Blog

21 Oct

 In my Public Relations Applications class with Barbara Nixon we all have to maintain our own blog. I think a lot of the students have very interesting styles, thoughts, and posts.

One of the blog’s that I really enjoy reading is Sam Mooty’s “Sam Mooty Fall 2010 PR Blog”

I think is blog is catching to the eye and his format is stylistic yet simple. I really enjoy Moot’s PR Connection posts. The posts always include some of the latest media information that I find really interesting. He uses images and videos effectively to enhance the information on his posts. He is not afraid to express his opinion but is appropriate when doing so.

I really enjoyed Mooty’s post ‘Gaga “Born This Way”’. He focused on Lady Gaga in a new light, moving away from the popular topic of the disgust of her meat dress and focused more on the proposition of her being PR genius.

I also like the style of Mooty’s “Blog Comments” posts. I like that he uses his own picture to convey the required blog comment number. I think it is creative and something I haven’t seen yet in other student’s blogs.


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