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Interview with Martin Waxman

28 Oct

Topic of the Week (10) – COMM 2322

 This week for my Topic of the Week assignment I had the satisfaction I watching Barbara Nixon’s interview with Martin Waxman, the president and co-founder of Palette Public Relations Inc.

  1. What did I learn from the Interview?

I learned a variety of new things while listening to the interview. One thing I found interesting was how Waxman discussed the roles of educators and technology. Waxman discussed that professors need to take advantage of social networking to allow their students to contact them more proficiently.  He pointed out that in the past students contacted the teacher through phone or e-mail. Now however, there are more and more instances of students being able to access their teachers quickly and at various times during the day. All thanks for social networking.

  1. What surprised me?

 I was kind of surprised by Waxman’s thoughts on social media skills in an intern or possible future employee. He stated that it is important for them to have a “great understanding of tradition media interaction.” Waxman stated that it was more important for a person to understand the methods of communication rather than use one/have one themselves. With all due respect I find that a little contradicting. How are you supposed to completely understand the uses and effects of media interaction if you are not participating in them yourself? How is a person supposed to completely understand Twitter if they don’t use/have one? I mean I guess it’s possible, just a little unpractical. I would rather have an intern/ employee that understands the traditional communication strategies but is also involved in social networking and technologies.

  1. I want to know more.

I liked learning about how they record their podcast. I think it is cool that they work together, and talk to one another all the time but that the participants in the podcast scarcely see each other in person. I think this is just an example of how technology has changed the working world. I think it is impressive that we have all these different channels to connect from our very own home or office.

 Once again thank you Martin Waxman for your insight for our class!

 If you want to watch the interview click HERE.