1 Nov

Evaluation– Chapter 8- COMM 2322

Text: Public Relations Strategies and Tactics-9th Edition-Wilcox, D. & Cameron, G.

The Purpose of Evaluation

            The fourth step of the public relations process.

            “It is the measurement of results against established objectives set during the planning process”   


            The prerequisites for evaluation

Current Status and Measurement and Evaluation

            Ability to tell clients and employers exactly what has been accomplished.

**Evaluate the Measurement of production, message exposure, audience awareness, audience attitudes, and audience action.

Measurement of Supplemental Activities

            Communication audits, pilot tests and split messages, meeting and event attendance, and newsletter readership.

            A newsletter, newspaper, or brochures is evaluated by

                        Content analysis, readership interest surveys, readership recall of articles read, application of readability formulas, and the use of advisory boards.


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