Getting Along with Journalists

6 Nov

 Chapter 11

Getting Along with Journalists

Text: Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques-6th Edition- Wilcox, D.

The Importance of Media Relations

            Media relations is the core activity in many public relations jobs.

The Media’s Dependence of Public Relations

            The reality of mass communications today is that reporters and editors spend most of their processing information, not gathering it. Reporters must gather information from public relations department.

Public Relations’ Dependence on the Media

            The purpose of public relations, as mentioned throughout this book is to infrom, to hape opinions and attitudes, and to motivate. This can be accomplished only if people receive messags constantly and consistently.

Areas of Friction

            Hype and News Release Spam, Name Calling, Sloppy/Biased Reporting, Tabloid Journalism, Advertising Influence.

Working with Journalists

            Media Interviews, News Conferences, Previews and Parties, Press Junkets, Editorial Board Meetings.

A Media Relations Checklist

            Know your media, Limit your mailings, Localize, Send newsworthy information, Practice good writing,  Avoid gimmicks, Be environmentally correct, Be available, Get back to reporters, Answer your own phone, Be truthful, Answer questions, Avoid “of-the-cuff” remarks, Protect exclusive, Be fair, Help photographers, Explain, Remember deadlines, Praise good work, Correct errors politely.

Media Etiquette

            Irritating phone calls, inappropriate requests, lunch dates, gift giving.

Crisis Communication


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