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9 Nov


 What are they?

            From the definition I found on google, “Infographics are visual representations of information, data or knowledge.” Or in other words, they are graphs that portray information using visuals. To see some cool Infographics for yourself check out Cool Infographics Blog.

How could one be useful in a story for you client?

            Infographics are used to portray important information in a way that is simple yet creative. In speaking to a client infographics can be used to simplify information in a beneficial and quick avenue. Infographics are fun and make information clear and easily comprehended.

How do you go about creating one?

  1. Know the information that you need to portray

      I’d say that this speaks for itself. The information you are capturing will define all that your Infographics entails.

     2. Use visuals that are relevant

      Use visual that apply to idea, product, company. For instance if I was making an infograph for a Car company I would use cars…make sense?

     3. Keep it creative yet simple

      It’s probably best not to overdo it. The point of an infograph is to keep it fresh and easily understood.

     4. Be clear

Okay so for an example:

Client: College Republican Club at Southeastern University

Information: Number of republican students on nearby college campuses (percentages).


I would have an Elephant (republican symbol) representing each school. Each elephant would be colored in a certain amount depending on percentage of republicans attending that school. For example if Polk Community College students are 45% republican less than half of the elephant would be colored in. Make sense yet?

 If you want to look further into making your own infograph check out this blog post by Wild Apricot Blog.


Coming Up PR Podcast

9 Nov

T.O.W. 11-2322/ T.O.W. 12-4333

                  Recently I spent some time listening to the Coming Up PR podcast on ITunes. Coming Up PR is a podcast hosted by Mary Attard, Mike Kerr, and Cheryl Brean based out of Canada. According to their blog “Coming Up PR is a podcast designed by three Corporate Communications post-graduate students in Toronto.” Coming Up PR is a bi-weekly show that “identifies and discusses trends in communication.” 

            One podcast I would like to highlight is episode #11. In this Episode Mary, Mike, and Cheryl discuss everything from internship experiences, twitter gadgets, and social media. While listening to the podcast I heard about Twitter Sheep and Klout for the first time. Both are sites connected to Twitter that show who is interested in what and who is having the most influence/interaction on Twitter. I really like Twitter so it was nice to know about two more features that add on to what the site has to offer. I found the Klout score of my teacher, Barbara Nixon, and she had a Klout score of 37. She was also in the 70th percentile. It was pretty cool to see in a somewhat tangible way the amount of influence that different people have on Twitter. It is important to know and helps marketers and communicators figure out who they should have “on their side.” Ha.

            I also enjoyed the discussion and feedback on the use of Social Media by agencies and organizations. I’m very interested in social media and I personally believe that, if used correctly, it can be beneficial for organization. I seem to be hearing more and more that companies, agencies, etc. are hesitant about embracing the social media world. Like one of the hosts said I guess it just “takes time.”

            The podcast closed with some “back to school” advice. I appreciated the comment of “treat it like your job” and “attend networking events” I think both of these statements are great advice for a PR student looking to get involved in the communications/PR industry.