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Doing Business Around The World

10 Nov

            So Tuesday (11/9/10) in my PR Applications class with Barbara Nixon we stirred things up a bit, we traveled around the world. The class broke into groups and each group was assigned a different country. With a country assigned it was their job to find out some professional “Do’s and Don’ts” when working in that country. The countries we took a look at include Germany, Japan, China, Mexico, Canada, and Israel. I really enjoyed looking at how professional customs can be so different depending on the country. For instance do I bring a gift or do I not? Do I make strong eye contact or no? These are just a few of the many questions that people need to know the answers to when doing business in another country.

            My group was assigned Canada.

A few of the Do’s we came up with

  • Shake hands, good friends kiss on the cheek
  • Knowing French would be a good idea since both English and French are considered the official language
  • Know some stuff about hockey-it’s pretty big over there

Some Don’ts:

  • Don’t say “Eh” after statements. It’s not as common, or as funny as you may think.
  • Don’t disrespect wildlife. Critters are pretty important over there, especially the horse and the beaver.

Aside from learning about Canada I learned a lot of cool things about the other countries as well. For instance in Mexico if a woman makes eye contact with a man she if flirting with him. Or in China you shouldn’t accept compliments right away, or if you’re in Germany you probably don’t want to bring up the Holocaust or Hitler. (I’d like to assume that one is common sense.)

Anyways if you are planning on doing work or interacting in other countries make sure to take the time to know the cultural Dos and Don’ts.

Happy Travels!