10 Tips for Writing an Effective News Release

16 Nov

10 Tips for Writing an Effective News Release.

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A news release, a.k.a. a press release, is a “simple document whose primary focus is the distribution of information to mass media such as newspapers, broadcast stations, and magazines.”

News releases serve the purpose of letting the media know what’s going on and trying to gain media attention. Public relations practitioners often use releases to get their client publicity in the news.

The media also relies on news releases to know what’s going on and the details (such as what, where, when, etc.)  

Here Are 10 Tips on writing an effective news release.

  1. Be Creative

            Be careful because you don’t want to overdo it. But a release that catches the editor and reader’s attention while tying in with local news or trends is a bonus.

     2. Make Sure Content is Clear

     3. Capture-and Hold-the Attention of the Reader

     4. Use Information that is Newsworthy.

     5. Answer the Who, When, What, Where and Why?

            The earlier in the news release the better.

     6. Use Effective/Proper Quotes

     7.Double-Check Information

     8. Localize Whenever Possible.

            Releases are more likely to get published if it has a local angle.

     9. Use the Correct Format

    10.  Write With a Direction and Purpose

For more infromation/tips check out:

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