Fireball Dodgeball Tournament!

17 Nov

            University Radio Station Hosts Dodgeball Tournament- PR Connection

             At my school, Southeastern University, the school’s radio station hosted a dodgeball tournament last night. The radio station, WSEU, hosted the event to try to raise money and gain publicity on campus for their organization.

            I will confess I am the event coordinator for WSEU and getting this event together was a lot of work. The tournament was last night (November 16, 2010) and we all agree that it was a huge success. It was awesome to see students come together to play dodgeball and watch and support others. It was a great night of rubber balls, live music, and free give-a-ways.

            Hosting/being the announcer at the dodgeball tournament last night was the time of my life. I’m so grateful to have been a part of it and even though it took a lot of work it was worth it in the end. It really helped raise awareness about WSEU and the music that we have to offer.

             I would like to thanks everyone at WSEU and in the Intro to Radio class for all your hard work and support. Also a special thanks for Rita’s, Chick-Fil-A, and CiCi’s pizza for the give-a-ways and coupons.


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