10 Ways that PR People Drive Journalists Crazy

18 Nov

Topic of the Week-13-COMM 4333

10 Ways that PR People Drive Journalists Crazy

1. Over use of Hype

            Journalists receive tons of news releases and hate it when they sound “like commercials”. PR people shouldn’t overdo it with e-mails and watch they feel and “hype” of their document.

2. Repeated Calls and Follow-ups

            Journalists are annoyed by constant phone calls and contact. They have a lot to do, not just your client’s news.

3. When PR People Don’t Meet Publication Deadlines.

            Journalists often have a tight publication deadlines. It is helpful when PR practitioners work with the journalist to meet their deadline.

4. Using Nonfactual/Biased Information.

            Journalists feel that sometimes PR representatives give them information that is not actually true and/or biased.PR people need to make sure they check their facts.

5. Spokespersons Not Available

            Journalist get frustrated when PR representative and spokespersons won’t meet with them for more information/ interviews.

6. PR Practitioners Complaining About Something that Was Not Published.  

            It happens. There is a reason it didn’t get published and the PR person calling is not likely to get it published. PR practitioners should try to be understanding of this.

7. News Release Spam

            Journalists hate it when they receive releases that are in an incorrect format. They consider such as “nothing but spam” in their inbox.

8. No Comment

            Most media guidelines emphasize that public relations personnel should always be helpful/cooperative with the media.

9. Lack of Sources

            This one is similar to number 4 in that it is important for PR practitioners to provide journalist legitimate sources to “back up” information and stories.

10.  Inappropriate Requests

            PR people shouldn’t make more work for Journalists. They hate it when PR people bombard them with further requests about publications, etc.

 Source: Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques-6th Edition- Wilcox, Dennis.


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