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Twitter and the Royal Engagement.

18 Nov

So for those of you that might not know, Prince William is engaged! Not really one to keep up on the UK news but the overall social web seems pretty happy about it.

So guess how I found out about it? Twitter. In one day 3 of the top trends were the terms “Kate Middleton” (the soon-to-be princess) “Prince William”, and “Royal Wedding”. This royally romantic announcement seemed to take over the “Twitterverse”. Honestly I don’t think it was possible for anyone to sign into Twitter that day and not hear the news.

So once again Twitter, thanks for keeping me informed.

Here is an interview with Prince William and Middleton after the engagement:


George Little Is All Grown Up

18 Nov

Many of you probably remember the 1999 film Stuart Little about a little white mouse adopted by a human family. Not ringing any bells? Go here.

Anyways the older brother, George Little, was always one of my favorites and I thought he was just adorable. With that being said, George Little (or should I say Jonathan Lipnicki) is all grown up and looking good. The child star also appeared in the movie “Jerry Maguire“, “The Little Vampire“, and “Like Mike” is acting again. His new movie “For the Love of Money” is due in the box office in 2011. I can’t wait to see if Lipnicki can prove himself as an actor outside of his adorable childhood roles.

Crash the Super Bowl Pepsi Max/ Doritos Commercials

17 Nov

Super Bowl XLV is going to be here pretty soon. As a sports advocate I’m pretty excited. For those of you out there who don’t watch it for the action you watch it for the commercials, right?

For the past few Super Bowls Pepsi Max/Doritos have had viewers vote to decide what commercial should air on the night of the Super Bowl. Well, they’ve done it again.

So people, schools, churches, organizations, etc. have submitted videos for us to vote on.

So visit the Crash the Super Bowl site and vote for your favorite commercial.

Here’s a taste of the action:

Fireball Dodgeball Tournament!

17 Nov

            University Radio Station Hosts Dodgeball Tournament- PR Connection

             At my school, Southeastern University, the school’s radio station hosted a dodgeball tournament last night. The radio station, WSEU, hosted the event to try to raise money and gain publicity on campus for their organization.

            I will confess I am the event coordinator for WSEU and getting this event together was a lot of work. The tournament was last night (November 16, 2010) and we all agree that it was a huge success. It was awesome to see students come together to play dodgeball and watch and support others. It was a great night of rubber balls, live music, and free give-a-ways.

            Hosting/being the announcer at the dodgeball tournament last night was the time of my life. I’m so grateful to have been a part of it and even though it took a lot of work it was worth it in the end. It really helped raise awareness about WSEU and the music that we have to offer.

             I would like to thanks everyone at WSEU and in the Intro to Radio class for all your hard work and support. Also a special thanks for Rita’s, Chick-Fil-A, and CiCi’s pizza for the give-a-ways and coupons.

Doing Business Around The World

10 Nov

            So Tuesday (11/9/10) in my PR Applications class with Barbara Nixon we stirred things up a bit, we traveled around the world. The class broke into groups and each group was assigned a different country. With a country assigned it was their job to find out some professional “Do’s and Don’ts” when working in that country. The countries we took a look at include Germany, Japan, China, Mexico, Canada, and Israel. I really enjoyed looking at how professional customs can be so different depending on the country. For instance do I bring a gift or do I not? Do I make strong eye contact or no? These are just a few of the many questions that people need to know the answers to when doing business in another country.

            My group was assigned Canada.

A few of the Do’s we came up with

  • Shake hands, good friends kiss on the cheek
  • Knowing French would be a good idea since both English and French are considered the official language
  • Know some stuff about hockey-it’s pretty big over there

Some Don’ts:

  • Don’t say “Eh” after statements. It’s not as common, or as funny as you may think.
  • Don’t disrespect wildlife. Critters are pretty important over there, especially the horse and the beaver.

Aside from learning about Canada I learned a lot of cool things about the other countries as well. For instance in Mexico if a woman makes eye contact with a man she if flirting with him. Or in China you shouldn’t accept compliments right away, or if you’re in Germany you probably don’t want to bring up the Holocaust or Hitler. (I’d like to assume that one is common sense.)

Anyways if you are planning on doing work or interacting in other countries make sure to take the time to know the cultural Dos and Don’ts.

Happy Travels!

Monster Energy at SEU

3 Nov

So yesterday (November 2, 2010), I went to my school’s first home basketball game and was presented with a pleasant surprise. Monster Energy Drink was the sponsor of the game and had representatives handing out free energy drinks. They were giving out their “Nitrous” drinks. I saw students flocking to the stand grabbing free energy drinks, myself included.

I think this was a great PR and advertising choice for Monster. Like most college students I love energy drinks. I was so excited to try the new monster and I loved it. I’ll be honest I probably never would have tried the new Monster drinks if it wasn’t for the handout. Now I can honestly say when I need an energy boost I’ll be looking for the Monster Energy Nitrous. (Lime preferably).

Monster saw what one of its bigger demographics and reached it. I heard lots a kids saying how good the drinks were and the word has been spread. The basketball game was the perfect opportunity to present their new product to hundreds of college students.

Do you think this was a good move by Monster? What other companies should consider having handouts at college student events?

Tips for Writing a Feature Story

21 Oct

10 Tips for Feature Story Writing

Feature stories, also known as soft news, often give details that paint a picture of lasting existence. Hard news, or breaking news, is about recent events that need to be told to the public as soon as possible. Hard news is the stories that a newspaper or news program wants to be the first to expose. There is a time-rush on the clock to get the information/story out there quickly. Some example of hard news events are tsunamis, terrorist attacks, and other events in which their significance is rooted from their relevance.

    But a feature is different. “Features are often about how we live, learn, and love.” Compared to hard news feature stories are timeless. They capture the happenings of our daily lives.

So here are 10 tips from different sources (see list below) that I think are crucial when it comes to writing a successful feature story.

          1.  Choose a topic that is interesting to your audience.

                    – For example if I am writing a feature for my campus’ newspaper I should write about something that the students/faculty and staff are interested in. A new coffee shop opening in New York isn’t an applicable topic for an audience in Lakeland, Fla.

        2. Inform, Entertain, and Persuade

                   – According to the WritingHood Blog it is the purpose of a feature story.         

       3.  Have a good headline.

                   -A good headline grabs a reader’s attention and makes them want to read the story.

      4.   Plan ahead

                 -Although features aren’t as restricted on time they are more likely to be read if the subject is of interest at the time.  For example, a feature on Christmas songs is not going to be appropriate for an issue in March.

     5.  Use Description to grab reader’s interest and attention.

     6.  Avoid Commercialism.

                  -According to NewsUSA “if a feature reads like an ad the editor won’t run it.”

     7.  Get the right quote.

                 – The quotes, like in any news story, help set the mood and tone of the peace. They affect what the reader will think and possibly feel.

     8.  Write in active voice.

     9.  Include a Picture.

    10. Use most beneficial format/story structure

 Other Sources: