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Gap Redesign Contest

12 Oct

I’m sure many of you  have heard by now that the new GAP logo is a total “bust”-excuse my jargon. If you have no idea what I’m talking about click here.

Anyways, in spite of the new logo it appears that  a “Gap Redesign Contest” has been launched on the ISO50 blog.

If I may I’m going to have to side with millions of others and say…I’m not a fan of the new GAP logo. Not sure what they were aiming for but they missed it, by a long shot.

Contest winners will be given publicity  by ISO50 and some free ISO50 merchandise but  GAP is not directly affiliated with the contest. On the contest page there is an Editor’s note that clearly states “This contest is not for Gap. We are not affiliated with Gap. Gap has nothing to do with this contest”. The contest is about designers getting together and showing that they can come up with a better logo than a billion dollar corporation. Ha, I love it. Businesses want their consumers to speak. Well Gap, they’re speaking…. Well….yelling actually.

Interested in the Gap redesign contest click here for more details. Contest ends tomorrow. I encourage everyone to have a say in the vote.