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Site Stats: Good to Know!

26 Oct

              I think that knowing the Site Stats of your blog is important information for any blogger. Looking at my own personal stats I am able to see what kind of posts get the most attention. For instance, in my blog the most popular posts are One Week of Twitter and Gap Redesign post. They are interesting concepts and I have grabbed the attention of my peers.

             It is important to know what kind of topics get the most attention. If my blog about one subject doesn’t get any attention, I probably don’t want to keep writing posts about it. Or in the same instance if my stats for a certain subject are skyrocketing I will probably want to keep writing on that topic.

            Stats are also beneficial because they let me see how people come across a blog. This information is under “referrers”. Referrers are things such through Google searches, links from my Twitter, links from a friend’s blog, etc. Referrers are sites of links that have led a viewer to a blog. Stats help bloggers be reflective, they kind of serve as a critique for your blog.

            As a blogger I also like to know how many people have visited my site in one day. The stats page shows me this information. Some days I may get no views and other days I will 40-something views. It is interesting for me to know that people are looking at my blog. I don’t really see any significant correlation in the rise and fall of views. One trend I see, however, is that the views on my blog drop over the weekend. I know that most of the views I get are from my peers and people are “out and about” doing more things on the weekends.  

            It is good to know where people are looking, where they are coming from, and what they may want to hear more about in the future.