Student Resume and Interview Advice

9 Oct

Topic of the Week (7)- COMM 2322

Here is some advice for a student who is working on a resume:

  1. Keep your resume to one page.-Important to grab attention on first page.  
  2. Choose the most effective format- chronological, functional, combination.
  3. Target a position you are qualified for.
  4. Highlight important information on the resume-bolditalics, size. But don’t overdo it.
  5. Be specific
  6. Be correct in your grammar and spelling.

 Going into the interview process:

  1. Know the company: history, goals.
  2. Listen carefully to the interview questions
  3. Dress appropriately. Professionally is important, try to dress like the staff does during work.
  4. Answer all the questions
  5. Prepare yourself ahead of time for the questions you think might come up
  6. If they give you the opportunity to ask questions ask some-esp about the company
  7. Show interest and be interesting

Check out these other sites to help your resume/interview experience:  

          Common Errors in Resumes and Cover Letters-Barbara Nixon

           Interview Tips–

            Advice for the PR Grad- Interview Tips-prchannel


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